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How to Increase Your Productivity using the Maven Planner

How to Increase Your Productivity using the Maven Planner

There are days when you’re in the zone and super productive. On the other hand, there are days where you have accomplished absolutely nothing. It happens with all of us.

And we name it as productivity problem or procrastination.

There are multiple ways to fix productivity. However the most useful ones that very few talk about is to use undated planners. This is when I launched my own productivity planner customized to most of the common problems people face to help our audience.

We built the first version of the product, I started using it to see how my productivity bumps up. It did and I must say drastically. But it required few modifications, like there was no area to jot down my ideas, there was no dedicated space to write down my affirmations and many more of these.

Hence, we went back to the table & rebuilt the entire stuff again. Once I was satisfied with the end result, used it myself for about an year & still using it, I thought to launch it for the other folks who have the same productivity issue to experience and to help them cope with it.

Here’s a quick video to explain the Maven Planner:


Let’s go deeper into the Maven Planner:

This planner has been divided into sections which are created with the intention to fall easily into your routine. It’s cautiously crafted in a way that it plans not only your months, but also your weeks and days.

Let’s take you through these sections which are totally in sync with your time portions.

Productivity Planner

  1. Daily Hustle
    If you have your day planned well, there is nothing else that can stop you from conquering what comes in your path. This planner ensures that you do that.

    • Pause and breathe. Ask yourself, “Who Am I?” Pen down the first ever thing that comes to your mind, for yourself. Start your day with a thought which is exclusive to you, and only you.
    • Jot down your Focus Areas. Here’s the nexus of your day concised into three basic yet extremely relevant questions – What, Why, and How. Pose these questions to yourself and understand why your today needs to be better
      than your yesterday, and how only you can make it happen. Compare your areas of focus to the reality you have achieved during the day. Strive to bridge that gap with the planner as your aid.
    • Fill up your ‘To Do’ list to never forget a thing. You’ll be surprised to know how much noting down your tasks would improve your day.
    • You are a maven, and you are marvellous. Your Top Ideas are as spectacular as your refreshing thoughts. So why not write those down exactly at the point they enlightened you?
    • The Time Sheet will ensure that you take a note of how much time you have spent on each task, leading you to assess your own productivity.
    • How was your day? Not just your performance, but asses the overall day that you have had too and mark the corresponding smiley. Not all days are same, but time never remains the same too. When you have a bad day, flip over to check the day which was awesome and what did you do to make it so. It fill you up with zeal and bring a smile to your face.
    • Keep a track of the people you interacted with. You never know what thought or interaction may trigger an extraordinary idea. So why not remember whose conversation sowed the seed!
    • Just the way you started your day off with a message to self, end your day with one too. Whether or not your day was good, a few words of your own are enough to soothe your heart and mind, gearing you up for the next day.
    • Do you take 100% responsibility and accountability of the day you have had? Mavens do, and you are one. Add a signature and seal the deal.Undated Daily Page Maven Planner
  2. Weekly Whistle
    You have conquered your days, it’s time to blow the whistle on the week and figure out whether or not your days were planned well enough to sign of the week well.

    • Evaluate your week on the basis of your days. The sections ensure that you do your own SWOT analysis, i.e. find out your own strengths and weaknesses, and identify the opportunities and strengths too.
    • Once you have done the aforesaid, ponder and pen as to how you can improve your performance. This is the planner which encourages you to challenge yourself, every step of the way, for that’s the trait of a truly marvellous maven.
    • Have you heard about Habit Scorecard? Well, this planner has that for you as well. Rate yourself on your four habits and how you scored on those during the week. Good or bad, your own scores will make you assess your personal traits and also let you know how much personal time you could fish out of the professional one. This will help you strike a balance.
    • Jot down the key areas of your life on which you’d want to focus on, on personal, professional, and wealth-induced basis.
    • Rate yourself in the areas of family, health, productivity, and identity. This planner will challenge you at regular intervals so that you check and improve yourself like a truly dynamic human that you are.
  3. Monthly Muscle
    You have assessed your days and weeks. Now it’s time to see whether or not you have been able to muscle-up your month.

    • Pen down the goals that you had foreseen for the month that has now ended. Jot those down.
    • Did you achieve those goals? If yes, then this is the space to write the milestones you attained. If not, write about the roadblocks you faced. This is your planner, and your own record of your strengths and weakness. Do so unabashedly.
    • Write down your Quarterly Goals and even your Yearly Goals, no matter how short the list be at the moment.
    • Do you want to change the definition of Who Am I? Is there an addition or depletion in your personality to make you think so? It’s your life and it’s your planner. Do so. Feel who you are in your bones as you write it down with utmost conviction.
    • What were the three major projects that you handled this month? Write it down regardless of whether or not those were a success. The fact that you handled those is a big feat in itself. Success calls for a toast, but failures too teach you to make lemonades out of life’s lessons.
    • What are the habits that you’d want to continue, or some new ones that you’d want to cultivate? Make your own personal assessment.
    • Who says ideas come at a fixed time? Do you have any? Then write it down right now. Every idea you conceive is an achievement in itself. Don’t let it go waste. You don’t know what it may materialise into.
    • Write down a message to self. Addressing yourself is a therapeutic way of letting yourself know how much you mean to your own being, no matter what the world thinks. A kind word by you to self can do wonders.
    • Sum it off with a signature, owning up to the month that you have had.

It is now available on – Amazon and Maven Planner website.