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All the Companies in the World Sell Dependability. Here’s How?
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All the Companies in the World Sell Dependability. Here’s How?

In words of YourDictionary.com,”Dependability is defined as the quality of being able to be counted on or relied upon. When you always do everything that you say you will and never make promises you cannot keep, this is an example of dependability.”

I believe this is so true even when we interact with brands/businesses. Isn’t it what we expect them to be? Reliable, so that we can depend on them for a particular set of products & services.

As consumers, we are always relying on brands for the promises that they make in their marketing campaigns.


  • We expect Uber to get us the smoothest ride to our office. Why? Because their marketing campaigns speak about it and we tend to feel they’re reliable.

Uber Ad in Kolkata

  • We expect Subway to deliver us fresh food. Farm Fresh Vegetables that will be super healthy for my body. Their marketing campaigns make the same promise as well.

Subway Fresh

  • We expect Starbucks to deliver us the best cup of coffee that will give me a great start to the day.

Starbucks Coffee


I believe every company in the world is selling – dependability. And the company that can provide it in the purest form wins. The other ones lose.

In my years of marketing experience, I’ve seen consumers moving quickly to the competitor’s product & service if they feel the existing ones are not reliable enough or are not able to live up to the expectations.

Isn’t it what we do as well in our personal lives?

When Uber is not available, we quickly shift to Ola. As our core priority is to reach office. Any brand that can deliver that enough times, you will stick to it.

However, as a business owner here’s what you should care about while creating your marketing campaigns.

  • What is the dependability you want to create among consumers?
    • Do you sell real estate? And Ensures that the buyer will get the best price for the property. (Cars24 is doing the same in the pre-Owned Cars Business)
    • Or you sell gifts? And ensures that the buyer will be able to buy the best gifts that will make their loved ones feel special.

Exercise to do here is to figure out one thing that you can promise as your brand’s message and say – we will do this in the best, purest way and you will always find us here whenever you need us.

  • Is the dependability adequately communicated in your marketing campaigns?
    • Does the creative speaks about it?
    • Is the logo showing the same message that we want to share?

Exerciser here is to have a closer look at your marketing campaigns going out & ask yourself. Is it communicating my dependability and most importantly assuring the customers they can rely on us.

So, the next time you craft your next marketing campaign, make sure you make your audience know what they can rely on.

It may be, best service, best software, best automobile, or the healthiest food but it will always be there whenever they need it.

Reliable, Consistent & Without any fail.

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