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Unleash & Explore Marketing Strategies that Give your Business the Leverage to Outperform itself!

Hello! I’m Harneet Bhalla and I’m thrilled that you are here. I believe that you have every right to empower your business to it’s umpteenth capacity, and to do so, I have the right amalgamation of marketing strategies that will help you extract the best ROIs.
Let’s help you learn how to increase your sales, expand your profits in multi-folds while empowering every lucrative asset and mine every hidden opportunity to yield the best possible results and returns.

What is Harneet’s Strategy?

I don’t just help you highlight overlooked process algorithms – I help you, redefine them!

Give your business the edge it deserves by identifying all the various idle assets, overlooked opportunities, hidden monetization opportunities and extracting much more from the corporate puzzle and untamed relationships.

I help you bring your best work face forward so that you are always at the niche of the market performance.

  • Tap hidden opportunities and restructure you business process to enhance business presence and performance
  • Identify and build better customer relationships through interactive engagements across all platforms of global business presence, virtual as well as physical.
  • Enhance you corporate dynamics to explore lucrative measures of investment, operations enhancement and create larger and efficient time in hand to expand you business in a better work environment.
  • Explore and augment your business virtual presence by tapping on the global online market realms through efficient and effective social media presence and digital performance enhancement.
  • Build a holistic approach toward branding that helps you redefine your business success through collaborative measures that helps you engage customers and also build futuristic employee and client relationships.

What is Harneet’s Strategy?


What is Harneet’s Strategy?


Innovative Marketing Strategies
Marketing strategies that are generally overlooked, are the ones that generate the maximum results. How businesses turn their fortune using these. An Insider looks of the world.
Branding – How Brands Work
Branding – Corporate or Personal. Harneet’s P.A.T. system to build brands that stay forever. What it is? And how to implement this system.
Perceptions to Solve World Problems
Different look to the world’s biggest problems & solutions to solve them – all with the help of perceptions.
Thought Provoking Ideas
Ideas that make audience think. Complicated, yet explained in an entertaining way to leave audience begging for more. Ideas that can transform the way one thinks & acts.
Entertaining Practitioner
Best ideas from the marketing world to how they make consumers buy the product. How the biggest brands use marketing as a tool to make consumers behave in a certain way.
Success & Happiness
Amalgamation of psychology & marketing. Connecting the marketing world to the real world. Ensuring it moves in a direction to create success & happiness for the audience.

What People Are Saying About Harneet

Why do people love Harneet?

He’s innovative, strategic, thoughtful and extremely trustworthy. My experience with him has been beyond positive and I am looking forward to growing my working relationship with him. If you’re marketing online or considering that as an avenue, do yourself a favor and reach out to Harneet Bhalla.

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Paul Kirch

Harneet has an exceptional talent for quickly connecting with audiences, creating immediate feelings of trust and integrity. A natural-born storyteller, he motivates, inspires, educates, always leaving his clients and audiences empowered with the tools for marketing, leadership and extraordinary results.

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Nirant Patil

What is Harneet’s Strategy?


There are lots of definitions of passive income, and yes – I’m aware of traditional methods such as investing in real estate and in the market. I do both of those, but that’s not what this website is about…

In my experience, the best form of passive income—and what I focus on here at SPI—is the following:

Building online businesses that take advantage of systems of automation that allow transactions, cash flow, and growth to happen without requiring a real-time presence.

In other words, we don’t trade time for money.

Instead, we entrepreneurs invest our time upfront creating valuable products and experiences that serve others, because that’s really all a good business does – it helps other people solve their problems.

We work hard now to continually reap the benefits later.

And unlike real estate or getting involved in the market, the barrier to entry is much lower. There’s far less money needed to invest (in fact, my first online business that served the architecture and design community was created for only $6.95/month), the rewards can come in much faster (after 1.5 years that architecture business generated over $200,000), and what you create is something you can become recognized for.

There’s lots to talk about, and I can’t wait to dive in with you. I recommend first getting started by watching this video below where I share 3 different passive income business models, so that you can see which direction you’d like to take…