My Interview with Kevin in the Freedom Lovin Podcast

I’ve been a great fan of meeting new people. It helps us to understand life from different perspective, moreover it gives us a chance to contribute more in their lives. And we all know the secret to living is giving.

Recently, I got in an conversation with Kevin Koskella from I must say he is a great guy, willing to help & contribute & knows his stuff.freedom lovin podcast

He is on a mission through his website and that is he want to help as many people as humanly possible to achieve freedom in life.

As above said, I was invited to share my views on marketing funnels that can help build freedom business online.

The opportunity both challenged me & excited me for the same.

My challenge was to make the marketing funnel so simple that even a newbie can implement it without much hassles.

And my excitement was to serve another audience to help them achieve what they want from their life.

To cut long story short, here’s the interview link for you to enjoy. I hope you like the same & more importantly implement the funnel to achieve freedom in your life.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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