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Social Strategy Podcast – Building An Online Business with Harneet Bhalla

1. How I ended up destroying his brand new computer by having an unquenchable desire for knowledge and how things work.
2. An amazing 3-minute strategy on how to launch a book, get people to promote your book and ultimately purchase your work.
3. Why it is important to know your strongest social platform and be there and not to be everywhere.
4.Why having a PR is important and how a PR manager can help your image, business or brand.

Harneet Bhalla Vernon Ross
Harneet Bhalla Conversion Cast

Conversion Cast – A $400K Revenue Boost with Harneet Bhalla

1. How to contact & get a response from prospects that have been sitting on your email list.
2. How to use customer objections to your advantage.
3. The exact email strategy & sequence used to increase revenue and address concerns.
4. Answer the right questions & provide with the relevant answers. Secret to conversions.

BOSS Academy: Harneet Bhalla Shares How to Get Started with an Internet Business

1. How to Validate your idea of the product/service.
2. How to find your first paying clients without spending a dime on marketing.
3. Golden Nuggets to Remember for anyone starting out in online business.
4. A walk through on how to get started with an Internet business, including key requirements and a look at areas you need to be focused.

BOSS Academy with Harneet Bhalla
Cart Hook Harneet Bhalla

The CartHook Show #15: Customer Centric Marketing with Harneet Bhalla

1. How to create marketing campaigns organically and save money.
2. Establishing new marketing funnels with different techniques.
3. How to scale and grow your business with customer-centric marketing.
4. Becoming more than a business owner by using your own products.

Freedom Loving Harneet Bhalla

FL078: The Marketing Funnel to Build a Freedom Business with Harneet Bhalla

1. The exact mindset & the stragies required to build a business online.
2. Marketing Funnels – What are they, How to set them up and one marketing funnel that runs on auto-pilot.
3. How to create content? Outsource it or do it yourself? Here’s the answer to the over-whelming problem.
4. Public speaking & how to start as a professional speaker. And why keeping up to constant changes is a necessary element for success..