Conversion Cast - A $400K Revenue Boost with Harneet Bhalla

  • How to contact & get a response from prospects that have been sitting on your email list
  • How to use customer objections to your advantage
  • The exact email strategy & sequence used to increase revenue and address concerns

Social Strategy Podcast - Building An Online Business with Harneet Bhalla

  • An amazing 3-minute strategy on how to launch a book, get people to promote your book and ultimately purchase your work.
  • How to use Why it is important to know your strongest social platform and be there and not to be everywhere.
  • Why having a PR is important and how a PR manager can help your image, business or brand.

Conscious Millionaire - Harneet Bhalla: Start and Scale and Online Business

  • How to generate consistent leads for Your business?
  • Facebook ads, Google ads, organic social media branding, referrals, and public relations?
  • Best Books I like to Read – Awaken the Giant Within, Relentless.

Marketing to Crush Your Competitors - Digital Marketing Mini-Lesson for Startups

  • 3 simple steps for startups to choose the right social media platform with 3 examples.
  • Business owner needs 2 things ROI on their efforts and the proof that they can actually make money and establish their online business.
  • Launch model and sequence model for a business.

BOSS Academy - Harneet Bhalla Shares How to Get Started with an Internet Business

  • How to Validate your idea of the product/service.
  • How to find your first paying clients without spending a dime on marketing.
  • Golden Nuggets to Remember for anyone starting out.

BOSS Academy - Harneet Bhalla – Funnel Development For Newbies And Expert Strategies That Really Work!

  • Complete Client Attraction Funnel to Use.
  • Traffic Generation Methods to Use & How to Allocate Budget.
  • Tools Required for the Same.

TBJA - Harneet Bhalla - Establishing & Scaling an Internet Business!

  • What you need to know to take an idea and turning it into a scalable Internet business.
  •  Joint-relationships to build authority in marketplace.
  • Branding…How you create story that you present to the world.

TEDx - 18 Minutes of Your Attention!

  • People…Attention…Trust.
  • Figure out where people hangout and be there.
  • There are times when you actually need to demo your product in a subtle way to make people feel it. And understand it’s core use & effectiveness.


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