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Gain Tangible Take-Away To Implement Right Away

Harneet is a marketing thought leader, professional and keynote speaker and a master storyteller. He challenges the way we do business and offers real-world solutions that can be immediately implemented and are relevant to organisations of all sizes and in every sector. He informs and creates ideas and tangible tools that will improve your team’s and your organisation’s performance with unforgettable stories that make you remember what really works. His observations are highly entertaining but also carefully crafted to deliver important business messages.

In his career, Harneet has empowered more than 5 Fortune 500 companies, multiple start-ups, celebrities and thousands others through his marketing and speaking engagements.  Harneet has spoken at many forums and conferences including TEDx GLAU and IIT Bombay. Harneet has been featured on a number of podcasts across USA, UK, Canada and India.

Harneet’s charismatic and captivating nature helps him connect with the audience quickly. His energetic and entertaining talks are packed full of stories, case studies and practical advice. Preparing meticulously in advance, he studies the profile of the audience, the market in which they work, the competition they face, and how to exploit the advantages they have. He inspires and educates companies on harnessing the power of the digital in order to generate insights, increase sales, and transform culture.

All businesses– start-ups, small and medium businesses, blue-chip corporations and personal brands – can benefit from what Harneet can offer, particularly in terms of making an organisation as efficient and effective as possible. He speaks the language they can understand and can resonate with. He shares his insights into developing brands and customer loyalty by blending creativity with emerging technologies. He helps companies use fresh thinking to achieve better results.

He helps companies and individuals to understand how to maximize the reach of their message through digital media. His talks include cutting-edge examples of strategies and tactics he’s introduced to businesses that have made them stand up and stand out effectively and profitably in a crowded digital space.

He is approachable and delivers stimulating presentations that are interactive and he encourages audiences to ask questions and share their own experiences.

Harneet believes in quality, not quantity. He will be happy to speak at your events or MICE activities for various professionals irrespective of the size of audience and sector of industry.

Harneet’s compelling speech topics include, but are not limited to

Marketing and Branding
He reveals the basics behind marketing strategies. He gives you insights into the essential tools to succeed in capturing the hearts and minds of new and loyal customers. And he demonstrates how to get most from a brand.
How To Manage Change
The marketing place is changing rapidly. And it’s important to keep pace with it. Here, Harneet focuses on how to ensure your brand continues to adapt and develop its customer strategy in a constantly changing market.
How To Grow Business
He helps you set specific, measurable goals and timeframes for your marketing activities. He uncovers hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities. And he explains how to grow your business with efficient use of your resources.
How To Shape Teams
A productive and efficient marketing team is a key to succeed in business. Harneet shows how to leverage your marketing professionals, analyse their skill-sets and ensure you build a productive and result-oriented marketing team.

He also delivers Customized Speeches on marketing as per your requirements.

The perfect choice for your event, Harneet will entertain, inspire and motivate people of all ages and in all industries with his speeches. They’ll go away feeling inspired and with a number of tangible take-away and techniques that they can start implementing in their own situations right away.

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