How I Dropped the Cost Per Lead by 59% For a Real Estate Client

How frequently do digital marketers pick landing page over micro-site?

Well, the answer is very frequently.

Here, I will tell you how a micro-site overpowered the landing page for real estate business.

But make sure you remember that this is my experience and you should not follow it blindly. Analyze on your own what’s going to work for your digital marketing strategy and industry your business belongs to.

Here’s the detailed scenario:

I am a digital marketing consultant and help people create complete digital marketing strategies for their brand promotion & to achieve other business objectives.

I got a call from a real estate company who were facing two core issues:

1. Lack of leads – They required more leads

2. Cost Per Lead – The lead cost that they were getting was pretty high

So the goal was to achieve the above mentioned situations and we chose to use Facebook ads to drive targeted traffic.

My team created a landing page to showcase the key features of the property. And initiated an Facebook ads campaign.

The landing page had details about the apartment, key benefits, an video explaining the complete structure and some showcase picture. On this single page complete information about the property was displayed and a lead generation form was hosted that asked for details of interested people.

This landing page did work out for us the way we wanted. But I was sure that it could do much better. Here’s the exact landing page used for the particular campaign:


Landing Page for Real Estate Ace


Then, working out on the strategy and by researching, we found that trying to convince the online visitors to provide their details by explaining a property worth thousands of dollars on single web page was not on track.

Most of the people who are the target audience of real estate are a little low on familiarity level with technology. Therefore, explaining them about the property with one-page content is not the correct way.

So, to overcome this hurdle I got my team to create a micro-site for the particular property.

A micro-site serves the same purpose as a landing page, but there are couple of core differences between them.

A micro-site provides flexibility to display content on three or more pages that can visitors can click on & interact. Thus, providing a lot more details is pretty easy in that.

This is the micro-site we created and continued with our ad campaign.


Microsite Real Estate Ace Golfshire


On the micro-site, we mentioned every detail that was necessary and could affect the buying decision.

As you can see, this micro-site had multiple pages named:

  • Home
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Location Map
  • Contact details

A property worth million has several significant characteristics associated with it. To explain each characteristic we needed at least one page, which was possible with micro-site but not with a landing page.

We activated the same ad, with the exact same targeting but this time the visitors were landing to a micro-site.


Digital marketing facts

Here’s the stats of both the marketing campaigns: one where we used landing page and other where we used micro-site.


Facebook Ads Campaign for Real Estate



The campaign named ‘Homes Ad – Website’ is the one that we ran with the landing page. And the one with the name as ’27th March – Ace Golfshire’ is the one that we ran with the micro-site. The outcome turned out to be:

We spent:

1,056,324.56 INR on this campaign and

it reached 2,683,064 people online.

Then among the people who landed on a landing page,

only 728 people filled the inquiry form.

The conversion cost at this time was 1450 INR and

the conversion rate we got was 1.1%.

Later we ran the second campaign that you see in the table is currently active.

For this ad,

we invested 9,26,021.44 INR and

it reached 2,475, 462 people online.

Among the people who landed on the micro-site 1581 filled the form this time.

Each conversion costed us 585 INR and

the conversion rate shot up to 2.16%.

By spending almost the same amount of money and using the same ad copy, we were able to almost double the number of leads.

This has been possible for us to achieve because of replacing landing page with a micro site.


Landing page v/s Micro-site

The reason why the landing page did not work was that it did not include all the details that provide a complete picture of the real estate property.

However, the micro-site contained every bit of information that is required to draw a complete picture of the property to a potential buyer.

This is one main reason behind the success of micro-site in real estate industry.

When we are explaining a potential buyer to invest million to buy a flat, we need to provide them content in detail that consumes their time and persuades them to buy the property by earning their trust.



Wherever the ticket price of a product is high, you need to provide time and enough value via content, to create your credibility in their minds. You coming up as a trustworthy person to potential buyers will help to improve lead capturing and lead conversion.

Neither the landing page only nor the micro-site only is suitable for every industry type. Depending on the industry, the target audience differs for each of them.


Would like to achieve results that my clients are achieving? Let me know it in a comment below.