Harneet Bhalla

Hello! My name is Harneet Bhalla and I am a digital marketing strategic consultant.

It would be really difficult for me to state a definitive moment at which digital media marketing got my attention. As long as I can remember digital marketing always captivated me.

While still in school I got my hands on my computer for the very first time. I was so curious to find out what made that system work that without considering that the computer is priced possession, later that day I opened it and dismantled every component. That’s how curious I am to find why of everything.

My interest to explore the limits of digital world encouraged me to start my first venture Chromatic Web solutions, a digital consulting firms when I was in second year of graduation. Studying hard and scoring great was never my agenda while studying. I always believed in learning on my own and then implementing what I have learned.

After quitting I bought numerous online course modules, studied them became mentee of some incredible international mentors running digital marketing programs. This practice thought me digital marketing. Then I tested my digital marketing expertise carrying out campaigns for friends and family businesses.

When I was convinced that I am good at it I decided to pursue my career as digital marketing strategist. Initially, to get work I struggled a lot, made calls, approached people even provided consultancy for free. Since then my journey has been eventful.

I have worked with well- renowned brands as digital marketing strategic consultant. To name a few of these brands are Dominos Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, WordPress, BubbleBees, Aakash Insititute and MahaVastu. I worked with the marketing team of these brands for building digital marketing strategy to fulfill their business objective.

I believe digital marketing services can benefit everyone when used correctly. I got remarkable opportunities to speak at like WordCamp, IMS Ghaziabad and Chitkara University about digital marketing.

With a vision to make digital marketing consulting services accessible to everyone and make people understand how they can use digital marketing in their favor I move ahead.

There are several other things that Harneet does in relevance with digital, online or as many call it internet marketing. He can be an excellent mentor to budding digital marketers.

Book me for a Speaking session or hire me for personal mentoring or consultation

My greatest motive is to make people more aware of digital marketing’s significance. Sharing my experiences while learning, implementing and benefiting digital marketing at events helps me to achieve my motive.

They Trust My Experience

Working with the digital team of great brands and speaking to them about digital marketing insights at famous events has been an amazing and incredible experience for me.