Global marketing world is altering in numerous ways and it’s getting challenging for business leaders and marketing professionals to stay ahead of the curve. To get attuned with the latest trends, stakeholders are aggressively following the pioneers, whom they can trust, for helping them steer through the rising organizational complexities.


Harneet Bhalla, a visionary and a marketing guru, excels at showing businesses and professionals how to get more engaged with the audiences that matter them most. Harneet is passionate about transforming business leaders into marketing and customer service experts. He influences stakeholders and individuals to restructure their overall business approaches, helping them win the trust of existing customers and amplify the count of potential users.

Harneet has enabled small start-ups, personal brands, as well as established corporate houses to strategize their organizational and marketing budgets, worth multi-million dollars, and helped them managing their overall business challenges. He recently overhauled the email marketing campaign of an educational service provider, which earned additional $400,000 for the brand.

Harneet has assisted operations and marketing heads in setting-up smart teams from scratch, transitioning business processes, expanding technologies and operations, which are critical to scale-up the overall organizational objectives.

Harneet closely works with individuals to enable them perform as a smart and an independent business manager. Essentially, he enables his patrons to implement an ideal blend of content marketing and data driven marketing (conversion rates, relevant researches, and business specific case studies) so that, they can accomplish their set-goals with a stance.

Harneet is a great influencer and an eloquent speaker. He has inspired CEOs, CMOs, and individuals worldwide and encouraged them to kick-start constructive conversations around their brands to gain customers’ trust. Harneet’s aesthetic speaking forte makes his audiences believe that they are listening to one of the most dependable business  onsultant. He has addressed at various forums, including TEDx, IIT Bombay, WordCamp, Chitkara University, along with other podiums.

Harneet always tends to be more interactive with his audiences so that, he can relate to them. He makes sure that his onlookers leave his sessions not only inspired, but more connected to him, that they could come-up and say “Hi!” afterward.

Harneet prefers to stay around a lot-longer post his consulting sessions and conferences, as he fascinates to serve as a complete resource for his audience, and he is always up for you, for anything.

So, even if you feel something’s missed out here, don’t hesitate to ask… Harneet!

Harneet has written numerous informative blogs and case-studies suggesting ways for streamlining the organizational metrics. A large number of audience regularly browse through his posts, podcasts, articles, videos, interviews, and more, that are available on his social media profiles, including Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and others.


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