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Harneet combines his vision and passion for digital marketing, excellently. I am amazed with his insights and the way he can foresee the future of digital marketing.

-Mario Brown

My passion for digital marketing drove me to make my career in digital marketing. After mentored by leaders of digital world and working for years I have explored digital marketing to its core.

Digital Consultancy

Robust your strategies

Harneet Bhalla provides consulting to let you discover the core of digital marketing rather than letting you wander outwardly. He assists you to develop the strategy for digital marketing.

Public Speaking

Inspire your marketers

Harneet Bhalla loves to speak to a group of passionate people to inspire them towards the right path for marketing business digitally. He has spoken to audiences of marketers, digital marketing executives, start-up founders, bloggers and college students.

Other Services

For rest of your concerns

There are several other things that Harneet does in relevance with digital, online or as many call it internet marketing.  He can be an excellent mentor to budding digital marketers.

The Blog

Regular updates on business building, productivity, virtual staffing tips, smart marketing practices and more!

People’s words for Harneet

  • I came is contact of Harneet Bhalla few time ago and I have not regretted the decision of associating with him. I have my business in real estate and Harneet’s assistance has helped me to implement profitable digital marketing tools. The tools and strategy are result driven. At times I faced problems understanding the execution but he was always present.

    Palak Puri
    Palak Puri
  • Harneet has developed amazing digital marketing strategies and tools. Using tools and applying strategies helped to improve my sales and put my business in profitable zone.

    Atul Roy
    Atul Roy
  • I attended Harneet’s session at the event WordCamp. I must say he has astonishing insights about digital marketing. I was amazed at his in-depth understanding of digital marketing. He shared his journey and explained how digital marketing can leverage everyone.

    Mosam Gor
    Mosam Gor

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About Harneet

Hello! My name is Harneet Bhalla and I am a digital marketing strategic consultant.

It would be really difficult for me to state a definitive moment at which digital marketing got my attention. As long as I can remember digital marketing always captivated me. While still in school I got my hands on my computer for the very first time. I was so curious to find out what made that system work that without considering that the computer is priced possession, later that day I opened it and dismantled every component. That’s how curious I am to find why of everything.